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artist statement

Glass presents the artist with a wonderfully spectacular material to work with. It is a cold, hard material that can be melted and made to be hot and soft. It can be opaque or translucent. Works made in glass can be functional or they can be art or they can be both simultaneously. Glass that hangs in a window can look one way in the morning sunlight and a completely different way when sunset arrives. Once an artist discovers the pleasures of working with glass they inevitably fall in love with its look and its unique properties. I work in two main styles. One style employs glass as its primary material. I enjoy using glass to explore the emotional rollercoaster that human beings go through because glass is fragile. The other style employs glass as well as other media such as photography, intriguing papers and drawing. I have produced a great number of works using these materials including a series that interprets the work of Frederick Law Olmsted. I was astonished to learn how prolific my muse was. In essence, he was a landscape architect who used nature the way a painter uses colors. I tried to design a group of works that would honor both this creative spirit and this unique perception. The end result could be perceived as a vivid, visual elucidation of Olmsted’s work.